Sample Theme Elements

  • Powered by Krpano, #1 in 360° technology
  • Virtual reality
  • Virtual tours: self-made or handcrafted
  • Advanced picture optimization
  • Magic slider
  • 3D rendering, homestaged
  • Customize with logos, music, other branding

Proudly Best of Breed

At Realitis, we call ourselves “Best of Breed.” What does that mean?

Best of Breed is our commitment to delivering the best in cutting-edge virtual tours:

  • Auto-sorting
  • Photo optimization
  • Handcrafted, premium productions
  • 3D, homestaged images
  • 24-hour turnaround
  • Industry’s fastest, most flexible creator of hotspots



  • Fast, efficient service
  • Competitive pricing
  • Standard or customized virtual tours
  • So much more!

At Realitis, we let you be our guide. Need a simple virtual tour? We do that. Need us to slay your competition? We love that even more.

Realitis makes designing your virtual tour easy and fun. Arrange pictures in a diaporama (slideshow). Or let us design a fully rendered, homestaged simulation based on your picture and floorplan.

Yes, we can. We double dare you to try it.

Design Process


We treat your pictures like our children, minus the spoon-fed puree and playdates. Forgive us while we get technical, but this is really cool.

Every picture receives:

  • Image auto-detection
    • Our program sorts pictures into categories (floorplan, regular photo, or 360° panorama).
  • Computerized photo optimization
    • We guarantee the best possible picture.


360° panoramas:

  • Virtual reality compatible
    • We do tours for any VR hardware from Google Cardboard to glasses, goggles, and headsets.
    • Group visits to hop from tour to tour.
  • Hotspots
    • Options include 360° targets, pictures, text, and video.
    • We hold the benchmark for the fastest placement and tagging of hotspots.


Regular pictures transformed:

  • Magic slider
    • We bring images to life with animation, panning, and zooming. Just drag and drop your pictures, upload, and let us dazzle you.
  • 3D rendering before/after
    • Give us 1 regular image and a floorplan. We return a 3D rendered, homestaged before/after picture.


Premium Realitis 360° tours handcrafted by our team:

  • Hotspots placed for you
  • New floorplan built according to your draft and manual drawing
  • Matching radar zone and 360° field of view
  • Self-homestaging functionality


Next, personalize your virtual tour. This is where you set your brand apart.

  • Customizable features:
    • Place a photo at upper left
    • Position your company logo
    • Drop a slogan below the horizon
    • Add your preferred skin
    • Include background music

Tweet, Pin, Snap, Insta, or Embed

Publish your Realitis virtual tour anywhere on social media. Send it through email. Embed it into your webpage.

Don’t have a website able to embed our content? We automatically create one mini-customizable website for you!

New technology?

We welcome every 360˚ shooting technology. Have the latest gadget? Have your own 360˚ device? We will make it work. Just ask.